Gum Surgeries

If you have short or unsightly teeth that make you think twice about smiling or enjoying a hearty laugh, don’t despair. You can easily get your groove back and get rid of the gummy smile with the gum/periodontal procedures at the Ekdant Dental Care!

Gum disease is seen various stages, from mild condition ( Gingivitis) that is easily reversible to severe form ( Periodontitis) that requires more comprehensive treatment.

Most form of gum diseases involves infection and erosion of gums. In some cases it spreads below the gum to infect bone which supports the teeth.

Treatment of gum and bone disease can be:

Non-surgical : Cleaning
Surgical: Flap surgery

The gums are attached to the teeth a little below the visible edges, with a small space that’s a few millimeters between the edge and attachment, called the silcus. Food particles that get trapped in this vulnerable area can promote bacterial and fungal growth, which can cause gum infections or gingivitis. If it’s left unchecked, chronic gingivitis can lead to severe conditions like receding gums, cause permanent damage and even tooth loss. People are normally unaware of Gingivitis and neglect the symptoms until it’s in the advanced stages.