Pediatric Dental

Pediatrics dentist take care of children’s teeth, whether they are infants or teenagers. The pediatrics dentist teaches children about dental care at home, such as brushing and flossing.

If you feel jittery about visiting the dentist, imagine the terrors your child faces, looking at the illustrated pictures plastered on the walls depicting rotten teeth and jaws with forceps and clips. You can’t really blame them for being scared, can you? Most adults can get more than a little queasy when it’s time to schedule a dental appointment!

For most pediatric dentists, the first daunting task is to instill confidence in a scared child before examining them. Our dentists and nursing staff at the Ekdant Dental Care are well-versed in handling children, calming them down with soothing chit-chat to help them feel at ease. In addition to complete oral health-care, we provide a safe and friendly environment for children, right from infancy to adolescence.

Paediatric dental treatments at the Royal Clinic aren’t time-consuming, usually lasting just a few hours so children can be discharged the same day. Our doctors, nurses and orderly staff are friendly and love children, so they strive to make the entire experience as comfortable and painless as possible!